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New Technology allows Doctors to focus on Patients

When it comes to dental health, companies seem to more and more see consumer technology and insurance as natural partners. Beam Dental, which started out in the smart toothbrush space but expanded a few years ago into dental insurance, raised $22.5 million today. At the same time, quip, a smart toothbrush company that raised $10 million last year, acquired dental health plan Afora, in a move that mirrors Beam’s pivot.

“With over 100 million Americans without any dental coverage at all, and many with coverage that doesn’t incentivize making the most of your covered preventative care, we feel it is essential to offer an alternative that can help more people visit the dentist more often, for less,” Simon Enever, CEO and cofounder of quip, said in a statement. “Bringing Afora into quip Labs allows us to accelerate this project towards our mission of supporting our members through all aspects of their oral care routine, from the products they use everyday, to the professionals they visit every six months”.

quip offers its own ADA-approved electric toothbrush for $25, a subscription service that sends replacement heads every three months for $5 per shipment, and an online platform called Dental Connect. The platform helps dentists who sign up to remind patients about regular check-ups and reward them for coming in with free brushes.

via Tech and insurance go hand in hand when it comes to dental innovation | MobiHealthNews

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