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landis refining, dental industry, dental healthDomestic microbiome firms such as Bifido are entering the oral care probiotics market following growing interest in the hundreds of microorganisms that live in the mouth and affect general health.

Research and commercialization of beneficial bacteria in the human body are in full swing due to the interest in human microbiomes. Markets and Markets, a market research company, estimate the global microbiome market to reach $500 million by 2022 and $900 million by 2025.

Although gut microbiomes research has been the most prominent, there has been growing interest in oral lactobacillus that protects the health of the mouth from oral diseases such as dental caries, gingivitis, and chronic periodontitis.

The World Health Organization raised concerns that non-infectious diseases or diseases that occur without pathogen infection are closely related to gum disease and that harmful bacteria in the mouth affect general health.

Both industrialists and consumers have since become increasingly interested in creating healthy oral microbial ecosystems.

“Oral care probiotics is the most active field of commercialization of microbiome research following intestinal microorganisms. With the recent interest in the microbiome industry, the sales growth of oral lactobacillus products is expected to increase further,” a Bifido official said.

Bifido is a Korean microbiome firm known as the provider of probiotics such as ProsLab and BioGaia. The firm has also been developing a rheumatoid arthritis therapy with Catholic University Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital since 2017.

Bifido is leading the commercialization of human microbiome products, having successfully cultivated CMU strains through technology developed from studying microorganisms for 30 years, cultivating egg culture bacteria, and commercializing products.

Along with the development of patented human-derived Bifidobacteria BGN4 and BORI and commercialization of intestinal probiotics, Bifido is now expanding into the oral lactobacillus market to create oral probiotics such as Bifidus Denti for inflammatory diseases of the mouth and bad breath, the company said.

It had reportedly led the market by commercializing a CMU strain for oral health. Weissella cibaria strain CMU, a representative oral care probiotic, is a patented oral lactic acid bacterium that is effective in suppressing bad breath.

via Oral care probiotics research on rise – Korea Biomedical Review