Talk with your Dentist about WalletHub

Marji Harmer-Beem, RDH, M.S., program director of UNE’s Department of Dental Hygiene, recently provided WalletHub with tips on dental health.

The personal finance website released an article on the states with the best and worst dental health. Wisconsin was ranked best, with Arkansas finishing last. Maine checked in at number 33.

Harmer-Beem was one of several experts called on to offer tips as a part of the article. She stated that beyond brushing and flossing, good food choices are also helpful to ensure good dental hygiene for children.

“Good diet and nutrition lead to overall health and good oral health by limiting or omitting sugary drinks such as soda and sugary snacks,” she explained. “In recent years there have been community campaigns to have healthier snacks and drinks available to school children. These initiatives help promote oral health, general health and curb childhood obesity.”

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